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So this is something I’ve been doing to try and get over a block in my comic work. I’ve been making Harry Potter wands.

Everything (aside from the fabric) here is hand made, the box is made from 300 gsm card, the wand from wood and glue and paint and various other things to give it texture. The letters are all hand written. The materials in your wand are in the little scroll and are sealed under “wax” (it’s actually dried hot glue, I’m not cool enough to have wax lying about. :C )

For those interested in the story behind this, I made one up. The wands come from a shop called M. Morayah’s Mystic Materials and not from Ollivander’s. M. Morayah Morgan is the proprietor of the shop. The Morgan family fell out with the Ollivander family decades ago after someone from one family got drunk and stole chimera scale supplies from the other family. No on can remember which family was which. M. Morayah’s wands contain varied and rare materials and is known for creating “adventurous” (re: sometimes unstable) wands. Morayah’s also sell potions and various other magical equipment. They are an owl order business and thus do not have a set location or shop. 

I’ll have these at Nom-con with me. I only have 9 of them though. They were a hell of a lot of fun to make.

D: I want one!!!!


Anonymous asked:

u know what i would really like to see, is a photorealistic drawing as good as one of your portraits but of an original character. to me that's the test of real talent. just a thought.




Your thoughts are stupid.

hey guess what anon

you kind of need to use photos to make a truly photorealistic portrait.

note the “photo” part. it’s part of the word “photorealistic.” As in, that’s what photorealistic painters use. You could make an “original character” but to get the photorealistic effect that Euclase gets, it would either need to be based off of an actual person, or cobbled together from photo reference, because that’s how it works. 

and also guess what, it takes a TON of skill and talent to pull that off. It is super fricking hard and takes a lot of hard work. 

also guess what. no one cares what you personally would like to see, or what you personally think is a test of talent. No one is obligated to perform to your specifications. 

Amen to that.




Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm Redraw Meme in The Style of Mortal Kombat 9, Or Something.

Bonus AU:



Apologies for the format as Tumblr as an upload limit. I might post the redrawn scenes in their own post soon.

I have a feeling this show’s budget was spent on the voice acting talent (Rob Perlman, Clancy Brown and Luke Perry to name a few) and the pennies left in the jar went to the actual animation. It’s pretty sad to see dull brown backgrounds and a bunch of still cels looking lopsided at times, as a result. 

Anyway. Personal challenge accepted and done. C:


Reblogged that last one to notify Funis. I deleted it now.

Re-reblogging the original she post made because it’s better and includes Smoke. Also, follow her. Her art is awesome. 8D

Thank you kindly. :’3333 In this (real) post you can see some bonus art! :’v

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